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Your Favourite Historical Building

Useful phrases to describe your favourite historical building. In this article I will talk about North River Terminal in Moscow. Interesting and beautiful building that meets everyone who arrive in Moscow on the river.


  1. There are many ancient buildings with a long history in Moscow. But I'll tell you about a not very famous building where I like to visit.
  2. It is the North River Terminal in Moscow. This building is 90 years old. It was built in the 30s.
  3. I like to look at this building from the other side of the canal. It looks like a big steamer.
  4. In contrast to other historical buildings, this building looks very light and airy.
  5. I like that this building combines beauty and utility. For example, there is a tower with a star, but it is not only for beauty. The star can be seen at a great distance, like a lighthouse. The tower has a built-in clock, so you can always check on the departure times.
  6. This building does not depress me, it is always easy for me to be nearby.
  7. The terminal is currently used only for tourist purposes, so there are few people here. I love sitting on the waterfront and relaxing. I love also walk through the huge city park, which is located around.
  8. On the other side of the canal there is also a city park. I visit it very often, because my mother lives nearby. Walking here I look at the North River Terminal on the other side.
  9. A lot of ships visit it at the weekend. Large river ships line up to pick up their passengers.
  10. Sometimes I go there by bike, sometimes by car.
  11. I would recommend this place to those who like quiet. There is clean air. Here you can walk all day and enjoy the river and ships.

North River Terminal in Moscow (with short spire)


  • lighthouse - a tower or other structure containing a beacon light to warn or guide ships at sea
  • line up - if you line things up, you move them into a straight row.
  • steamer - a ship, boat, or locomotive powered by steam
  • waterfront - a part of a town that borders the sea or a lake or river

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