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Johnny was being so obnoxious, his own mother pretended not to know him.

  • obnoxious - extremely unpleasant

The prisoners are forced to live in abominable conditions.

  • abominable - very bad; terrible

The utilities were all privatised by Mrs Thatcher to make them more efficient. That is why we pay 10 times more than we did.

  • utilities - is an important service such as water, electricity, or gas that is provided for everyone, and that everyone pays for

Traffic builds up at one roundabout in particular.

  • roundabout - a road junction at which traffic moves in one direction round a central island to reach one of the roads converging on it


If everyone who knows English pronounced words so clearly, then I would understand everyone who…

She wrapped up a deal just before she left on vacation.

  • wrap up - if you wrap up something such as a job or an agreement, you complete it in a satisfactory way

She's already had to endure three painful operations on her leg.

  • endure - suffer (something painful or difficult) patiently
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