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Selling on eBay



  1. Selling on eBay is a fast and easy way to put your product in front of crowds of potential customers, see if it is selling online well, and test the selling prices.
  2. With eBay experience you will be head and shoulders above most entrepreneurs. who decided to learn the hard way, starting from their own online store instead.
  3. There are four fees of selling on eBay: insertion fees, value fees, advanced upgrades, supplemental services.
  4. The best choice is to sell on eBay products with high margin and easy shipping. The most profitable in that case eBooks, downloadable software, audio and video files.
  5. Enter your request and explore the price, photos, descriptions for similar products.
  6. Avoid name and URL on eBay like "gidgr1975" that seems unprofessional. Insert a keyword that describes what you sell.
  7. Fill in your profile page. Add a picture and information about that you are.
  8. The title of your product is crucial. Check your title in Yandex Wordstat.
  9. To be listing in filtering you should fill in all recommended item specifics and values.
  10. Be patient, clear, professional and friendly in the communications with customers. It will help you to get top rates in ratings.
  11. Investigate your shipping cost and methods and add this into your price. It will give you label "free shipping".
  12. Study the customer's profile before shipping and shoot the entire process of packing and shipping. It will help you to avoid form professional scammers.


  • supplemental - things are added to something in order to improve it

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