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Onward (2020) Review

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Some people say this is one of the best cartoons for last year while others say it's banal and have a low quality of animation. From my point of view, it is an ordinary but not bad cartoon with a kind story and the presence of a few good jokes.

The first what I mentioned in others' reviews is the distinction from usual storytelling patterns. Many people appreciate a fresh way to tell a story about a guy who is going to adventure and find himself in this way. I can't fully agree with that point of view because I think this cartoon doesn't invent anything new in hundreds of similar animations. But this movie is a little different without any doubt, so it's interesting to see, and some light and funny jokes can increase your mood.

On the other hand, I noticed what many people who say it is dull and ordinary cartoon don't develop their point of view and don't give us examples of good pictures. So even if I agree with them at the position that this movie doesn't provide us with anything new, I can't say it is dull.

To sum up, I think it is a good cartoon, especially if you have kids around five years old. It contains nothing new, but nothing terrible. You don't remember much after several months because everything you have seen before. But it's pleasant to see it once, and I hope you will enjoy your time.

My rating: 4/10 (you can see it once)

IMDb link: Onward (2020)

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