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Never Give Up

The first video about English. I hope it will be helpful.
Sorry for word "so", I will try to change it.


The first advice is never to give up. I gave up to study English 4 times.
When you are leaning English, your knowledge, do not grow smooth line. The first two months you learn and feel good result. But after that a turning point comes. You learn with all your power, but it seems that you speak worse, forget words, get confused in grammar.
So it is so easy to give up when you are at the bottom. But you should not do that. Your efforts here it is the basis for your next level increase. Just keep doing it.
But I have given up 4 times myself. Why? Because at this lower point, when you have no progress, there is no time and energy to continue learning. And I realized one simple thing. You should make learning English easy and interesting for yourself. If we talk about me, I need to read a lot of articles about my work. So I decided to read them in English. And I found a chrome extension that translates words to me on the fly. Now reading is easy for me. I like reading. And with this extension, it's simple.
Do the same for yourself. Find what you like: read, watch movies, play computer games. Do it in English now.
Do it every day to be successful. In order not to get tired much, find applications that will help you.
I wish you will be succeeding in your English studies! Feel free to correct my mistakes! See you!


  • effort - a vigorous or determined attempt
  • give up - stop doing it or having it
  • keep doing it - continue to doing something
  • turning point - the point that changes the trend

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