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My New Friend

New Friend1


  1. Yesterday I spoke to someone for the first time.
  2. We spoke in Russian and English.
  3. It was the friend of my Russian friend Slava.
  4. She is a very interesting person.
  5. She told me that she reads very many classical books in English.
  6. I have read them myself.
  7. Her breadth of reading
    is very wide.
  8. We found that we both like some of the same authors.
  9. The first half of the session we spoke in Russian.
  10. The second half in English.
  11. She told me that she attends sessions when she speaks English.
  12. However she does not get much of an opportunity to practice speaking English.
  13. In my humble opinion speaking a language is the key to learning it.


  • attends – go regularly to (a school, church, or clinic)
  • breadth – wide range or extent
  • humble – of modest pretensions or dimensions
  • wide – of great or more than average width
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  1. Hi,
     I completely agree with you. But where can we find a partner for speaking?

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