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My First Day at Work

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Here you will find useful phrases to describe your first day at work. You can use this topic in the exam and when communicating with colleagues.


  1. I have changed jobs several times. But I remember my first day in my first and second work places best of all.
  2. My first profession was as an economist. I got a job in a self-regulatory organization of arbitration managers. It was the largest association of receivers in Russia.
  3. My schedule was to work there 4 days a week for 6 hours per day. To do that I had to miss some of my University sessions.
  4. I remember I went to work with great enthusiasm, but also with fear.
  5. I studied Economics at the University and one of the most interesting subjects was receivership.
  6. I was sure that I would see a wonderful world of top-notched economists, who, as financial doctors, save the lives of sick companies.
  7. The office was in the centre of Moscow, near the small hall of the Philharmonic. It was a beautiful building with big oak doors.
  8. A bright copper plate was on the door and it completely killed my self-confidence. I thought I couldn't fit in with such huge company.
  9. But inside I saw a damp and dilapidated office which consisted of ten narrow and dark rooms.
  10. I took my place behind an old dusty computer. The whole table was littered with scans of some documents.
  11. I investigated later that they were the court decisions that I needed to retype into the IT database.
  12. I was offended that I was given such an unskilled job, but I didn't show it.
  13. At the end of the day I left there, transformed by the sadness and boredom that stood in front of me throughout the following year that I had to spend there.
  14. It was my first job and I didn't know there was any alternative to this boredom.
  15. And by comparison, I remember very well my first day at my second job.
  16. I got a job in a consulting firm that managed projects.
  17. It was a small company too, but it was much different from the previous one.
  18. Everyone sat together, made jokes, asked each other's advice. And at the same time, it was clear that everyone was working hard.
  19. When I entered, everyone paid attention to me, everyone said who he or she was and cheered me up with a smile.
  20. The day passed quickly. I was working without interruption the whole day. I even shouted a couple of times "I'm free", for more work when I ran out.
  21. Everyone liked it and I think it was the moment when everyone wanted to test my potential in their project team.
  22. We finished late at night and my supervisor offered to take me to a more convenient metro station so I wouldn't be late home.


  • damp - slightly wet
  • dilapidated - old and in a generally bad condition
  • litter - rubbish such as paper, tins, and bottles left lying in an open or public place
  • self-confidence - if you have self-confidence, you behave confidently because you feel sure of your abilities or value

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