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My Favourite Cat


Useful phrases to tell about your favourite pet. I'm talking about a cat who lived with me when I was a child.


  1. I like cats very much.
  2. I love that they are independent animals.
  3. The cat will not bother you to play with it or beg you to go for a walk.
  4. But at the same time, they love to be caressed, and it is pleasant to stroke them.
  5. My first cat was brought home by my sister.
  6. She persuaded our mom to take a kitten from a brilliant cat, that was able to go to the toilet like a human.
  7. We named our cat Begemot (Hippo), even though it was tiny.
  8. Begemot was a very smart cat. I talked to him like a man, and he answered meow.
  9. I explained to him in words that he was forbidden to pee on the carpet or tear the sofa.
  10. It was a black cat with a white chest and paws.
  11. One day he got very sick, and I had to give him injections.
  12. I was petrified that he would stop loving me.
  13. So, I explained to him that the injections would make him feel better and his illness would go away.
  14. Surprisingly he understood me, and he never resisted anymore when I gave him injections.
  15. I thought Begemot would live with us for many years.
  16. But one day, when I went to my grandmother's for my summer vacation, he jumped out of the window and never came back.
  17. I looked for him every day after school for a year, but I couldn't find him.
  18. I've always liked cats more than dogs. They seemed to me more graceful.
  19. But not everyone can have a cat. For example, my son is allergic to cats.
  20. I never understood people who had a few dozen cats.
  21. It seems to me that cats do not like to live together in a small space.
  22. So, one cat is more than enough in an ordinary apartment.
  23. I think cats help relieve stress after a hard day.
  24. The look of the cat which is sleeping on the couch at home does look cozy.


  • caress - touch or stroke gently or lovingly
  • cozy - giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation
  • persuade - induce (someone) to do something through reasoning or argument
  • stroke - move one's hand with gentle pressure over (a surface), typically repeatedly; caress

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