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Monster House (2006) Review

Monster House

Is it too scary and swearing to show it to kids?

There are many reviews with 1 or 2 marks where you can read this movie is inappropriate for kids because of many reasons. Is it too scary and has too much foul language to show it to your kids? My opinion is no if you can distinguish bad movies with devout language from good movies with a few innocent expletives.

We are starting to forget what a good movie is in this time of commonness triumph. We decide to watch a movie after checking how many Oscars it won, whether it has a good rating on IMDb or doesn't have high violence evaluation. By lacking all of these, this cartoon stays something that deserves your attention. It has an exciting story and unexpected plot development without dull and boring moments. It demonstrates friendship patterns and teaches us that losers in the eyes of society can become brave persons, and we shouldn't judge anyone by his appearance or social status.

Another reason why this movie isn't as bad as you can read in reviews with the low marks is the fact that it isn't scaring for kids. I watched this cartoon with my 4 and 6 year old kids, and they weren't scared and asked me to watch it again the next day. Another point of dissatisfied viewers is that this is inappropriate for kids because of foul language and some dirty adult scenes in the man-woman relationship area. From my point of view, all bad language in this cartoon is innocent, and all adult scenes are showed by dropping hints and without overstepping the bounds of what is allowed, so can't harm your kids.

In conclusion, this cartoon is appropriate for family view, has some realistic characters, quite exciting and dynamic outcomes. I can recommend this movie for an evening relaxing pastime.

My rating: 5/10 (you can see it once)
IMDb link: Monster House (2006)


  • commonness - triteness; meanness.
  • devout - totally committed to a cause or belief
  • drop a hint - to allude to something in a subtle way; to give an indication of something without entirely saying it
  • expletives - an oath or swear word
  • foul language - profane or inappropriate and unacceptable words

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