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Man who Wants his Age Changed Legally from 69 to 49

There is good video about age discrimination. You can see it and discuss with your speaking partner.

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10:32 let's talk now to the Dutch man who's trying to legally change his age from 69 to 49. With the aim of... Well you can tell us what the aim is in a moment. Actually a meal rattle band a motivational speaker attempting to move his birthday from the 11th of March 1949 till it to the 11th of March 1969. You can change your name, you can change your gender, you... Why not your age, he says. No where are you so discriminated against as with your age. That's what he said to a Dutch newspaper. He's here as you can see alongside writer Jane Fay, who doesn't agree, but self identifying your gender is the same as self identifying your age. Good morning both of you. First of all is this simply a publicity stunt or are is serious? Of course, I'm serious here. I'm, I'm like, you know, I'm a guy that always goes to the front and here's an example. For example 35 years ago I went to my dentist to get my arm around fillings out of my mouth. And I had to face five dentists before they did. Okay let's talk about it now. What's the problem for you? Okay, my body, my doctor says I'm a biological age is 40-42 and so he has to put it on paper. I said okay why I'm not and why I'm not that age? So I want to be that age 49. I said okay. I wanted for 49. What, what, what, what is it that you can't do at 69? What do you think you'd be able to? For example, we have a high unemployment in Holland and all those people who are unemployed are above 55. So, when you're 55 you are not able to get a job. For example, when I want... You not unemployed? No, no, of course not. But if I... If I want to buy a house, I don't get the mortgage, mortgage anymore. But in my job, you know, the mortgage... But you have a mortgage either? I have a mortgage, but if I want to change my house, I want to have new one mortgage which is impossible because I'm too old. So, but in my job what I'm doing the most, people ask me always "yeah, but you're almost 70, how can you do the do you speak the language from people who are 25? Do you really understand the problems nowadays because your old man". I said no I'm not old man I'm a wise man. But I always have to defend myself and sometimes I have to lie about my age and I don't want that. So, I want a legalization... Why have you lied about your age? No, because people say "oh yeah don't believe what". They say if you, if you go to some people they say "okay, you tell that you are younger, because you look more younger than you are and everything you have to do to lie about it. So, I don't want to do that. I want to have legalization. It's my feeling and so this... What you won't get in actually twenty years of life you know? That's not true because there was an examination about in 2010 over here in England, and they put all people in a new environment with average young people and they saw that their age was they, they became younger. You've got seven children with twins on the way. Yeah. So, you're surrounded by young people. But I want to have a legalization. So that's is my feeling and I want the respect that you'll respect my feeling sure and so and if you'll respect my feeling I want to go to court and I say "Okay, I want the legalization". You have compared this to trans people who legally changed their gender. Why? I did what? You have compared this to trans young... Of course, you legally changed that with this it's like, it's we have free will. In the past it was always like this we have to do what the state or the church or our parents told us. Now we can go traveling wherever we want, and we can change our names if we want, and we can change also our gender if you want. So, why that why I cannot change my age then?

Susan, do you have a point? I... Well I'm actually quite flabbergasted. I... I started out on this thinking I was going to be sympathetic I'm less sympathetic more about it, because I thought, I thought we were talking about discrimination here. Ageless coming... Age discrimination I thought. Well perhaps in Holland you have less robust laws, but you have a job. A mortgage company is not interested in your age, a mortgage company is interested in how many years your... It's interested in how many years you like to be alive. And it doesn't matter what age it says number... So tell it so, so telling me what you think about that... The other... I mean it's just... I... I don't know there's a lot of place where people fit. The whole I think you mentioned tinder I mean I thought everybody fit on tinder, I know. I do. But quite seriously this is going it's like something else. I do not do that. There is discrimination against trans people. I do not... It's like discrimination. For Jewish people it's like discrimination, for black people and so on. No there is an issue to be sorted out when it comes to transgender. It's not just an identity. It is a medical, medical condition that has been understood for 50 years...

It's the same, it's the same. My doctor says I have a biological age for 42. No. I respect, I respect your meaning, but then you have to tell also listen to my meaning. And so that's a beautiful thing about the when we live now in 2018. That, that you can say whatever like, I can say whatever like. Condition of gender is recognized there isn't a recognized condition of age dysphagia. No but with this like this discussion is not in Holland. We accept the gender, we have no gender of discrimination at all. So, we have now the first people in the Holland who have X in their passport instead of man or woman. So, we don't have that discussion anymore because we are very working over before everybody in Holland.

This comes back again and again to you're trying to say, but it's a choice. It's not a choice. You're talking about something which is physiological. It is well recognized that. Some people would love to reach it bothered me something you're the graph to retire early some field line. I went to the shrink before and he said, "OK perhaps you're surfer on the complex, Peter Pan complex". So, I was lying on the coach and he was examining me. And then he said no you're not you have not a Peter Pan complex. A Peter Pan complex means if you're getting all this we cannot accept this you're getting older. So, then he said "OK perhaps you have another complex that you are, are you aware with you what you're going to which what's what's going to happen to you. And so, then he examined me again and he said no you're fully aware of what you're doing. So, it's my feeling. It's your feeling when you were a man you had the feeling "I want to be a woman". Though I am a woman it's okay. And I have the feeling I want to be younger. It's my feeling, I respect you, you respect me. We don't have to go to into this discussion. Because it's your feeling and you don't know, you don't say no it's your feeling, it's my feeling. So, I want you to respect me and if you don't respect me then you discriminate me.

It is not pure about a feeling it is about a sense of identity, but persists, but research is suggesting has strong biological roots, but people are transgender, it's something that got decades of understanding and background to it. And what you are actually doing is trying to make a comparison. That is really quite modest. I'm not agree. It's tasteless... <<can't recognize>>

You're causing harm, you're causing grief you do not need to go down this route in order to try and get some sort of... So you're talking about your feelings, but if you look in the future the people get more older their people get more better and still if you have this this is this stand from age you know we have to stop working when we're 67. We cannot increase our quality of life, because we are getting all the be getting in our elderly home. So, what I say is nowadays twelve percent of the people are older than sixty percent sixty years today. In 20 years more than thirty five percent of the people will be killed elder than thirty than 65. Well that means if, if we have a different stamp on them not the biological, if we take the biological stamp instead of the physical stamp about the age of them that you really are, and then you have a different opportunity it's, it's completely, its, it have to do with beliefs...

When do with… When does the court... I mean you've presented your arguments to the court when today... In four weeks... We'll see what happens... Yes... Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Susan says does the man that wishes to change his age legally receive his state pension? If so, he would be ported forfeiting his entitlement because you'd be too young. Yes. But you accept that, clearly. Thank you very much for coming on the program. Okay. Thank you.


  • alongside - close to the side of; next to
  • attempt - make an effort to achieve or complete (something difficult)
  • dysphagia - difficulty or discomfort in swallowing, as a symptom of disease
  • entitlement - the fact of having a right to something
  • flabbergasted - if you say that you are flabbergasted by something, you are emphasizing that you are extremely surprised by it
  • forfeiting - the financial service of discounting, without recourse, a promissory note, bill of exchange, letter of credit, etc, received from an overseas buyer by an exporter; a form of debt discounting
  • Jewish - relating to, associated with, or denoting Jews or Judaism
  • modest - unassuming in the estimation of one's abilities or achievements
  • persist - continue in an opinion or course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition
  • rattle -
    make or cause to make a rapid succession of short, sharp knocking sounds
  • robust - strong and healthy; vigorous
  • stunt - something unusual done to attract attention
  • tasteless - lacking flavour
  • tinder - dry, flammable material, such as wood or paper, used for lighting a fire

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