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Machines and Workers

Complicated Machines1

Machines are becoming very sophisticated. While machines entitle individual workers to many benefits; they cause some serious harm too.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages machines bring to the workers and give your own opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.


It is certainly undeniable that today's economy is growing due to the improvement of machines that are used in the production process. However, the development of tools leads to their complexity, which does not always have positive sides.

Using the machines in construction, manufacturing, transportation and in other areas brings a number of benefits to the efficiency of human labour. For example, let us consider a water-operated concrete cutter that was invented to replace the air-operated jackhammer. Unlike an air-operated jackhammer, a water-operated one does not harm the hands of a human; therefore, it has a beneficial effect on the health of the operator. In addition to health safety, which is also beneficial with the absence of dust, the use of a water hammer allows working ten times faster. This is just one of many examples of the efficiency of modern machines and tools.

On the other side, bringing a lot of benefits, improvement of machines leads to negative consequences. For instance, the most complex autopilot system of the aircraft, which in most cases frees pilots from routine operations, in some cases, can lead to catastrophic results. Cases are known when the autopilot gave instructions to the ship's crew in such numbers that they were unable to perform them all and that led to the crash. The complexity of our systems and tools sometimes results in the inability to manage them in critical situations, which is hard to predict at the product design stage.

To conclude, although there are some drawbacks with using complex machines and systems, I, believe, progress brings more benefits and outweighs disadvantages. Therefore, I think that the development of devices should be accompanied by trained workers, and equipment should be developed user-friendly and safe to eliminate possible mistakes in using it.

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