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Internet or Face to Face Acquaintance

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Some people make new friends on social networking sites and Internet chat rooms. Some people think it is a good thing. Some people think it is better to make friends face to face.
Discuss both views and give your opinion.


The Internet gives people a diverse range of opportunities to connect with others by removing barriers such as distance, shyness, age, or social origin. However, using social media to find new friends might have some drawbacks. Therefore, some people believe that getting acquainted on the Internet is not a smart decision.

Due to the fact that the Internet is spread across the planet, it is natural to assume that it allows everyone to connect with other people without borders. Through the ability to find friends in other countries, Internet users can now find comrades for different purposes such as to learn a language, discover a foreign culture, or to share professional experience. Besides, people can chit chat with each other at any time or arrange a video call from home, which leads to a convenient and straightforward way of communication in the daily routine.

On the contrary, it cannot be ignored that, conversation without a personal meeting carries several drawbacks, such as the inability to assess the sincerity of new acquaintances or their true intentions. To illustrate, hiding oneself behind the guise of photos and formed image unfair person can play a trick with others, so people should be cautious about the information they share. Moreover, communication through a chatting box or a video conference does not allow to observe the body language, which carries up to seventy percent of the information.

To conclude, the Internet provides a great variety of opportunities to use it for intercultural communication for professional and educational purposes. However, when considering a close relationship, I tend to think that the features provided by the Internet are not enough for a comprehensive assessment of a new friend. In such a way, it is better to avoid developing genuine relationships through social media.

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