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“In spite of” or “Although”?


After in spite of we use a noun or a pronoun.

After although we use a subject and a verb, whereas after ‘in spite of’ we just use a noun or pronoun.


In spite of increased profits, some companies ask their staff to work longer hours.

Although we are influenced by advertising, we are free to make our own choices when we buy things.


And, of course, video with Adam about it:

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  1. Reading a sci-fi book I came across an interesting sentence which put together two of your Grammar topics: 'In spite of' or 'Although' and 'Difference between Because and Because of'. 
    The sentence contained despite (syn. in spite of) and because of

    'You know, it's interesting, the things that happened despite or because of our intentions.'
    (Girl in Space)

    And thanks to your topics it was clear 🙂

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