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IELTS Speaking Part 3 Advertising


Advertising. Five speaking questions, ten answers for IELTS Speaking Part 3 preparation.
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Script with key phrases

  1. Is there a lot of advertisement in your city?
    1. I tend to think that Moscow does not have a lot of advertising.
    2. Most often, advertising is found in public places, but I don't remember any case where I felt overburdened by advertising.
  2. What was the last advertisement you saw and what it was about?
    1. Normally, I cannot avoid advertising on the Internet when I watch my favourite YouTube channels.
    2. For example, yesterday I watched a video about learning English techniques, and at the beginning, there was one minute with advertising for English online courses.
  3. What impacts do ads have on society?
    1. It seems to me that in modern times, no one takes advertising seriously.
    2. Advertising is necessary to promote new products, but sometimes it goes over the top.
  4. What impact do ads have on the environment?
    1. Most often, advertising does not have a negative effect on the environment.
    2. Frequently advertising appears on television, billboards, newspapers and online, and I do not remember complaints about the harmful effects of advertising on nature.
  5. Should ads be directed at children?
    1. Without question no! I believe that children should be shielded from advertising.
    2. Children are not yet experienced enough to understand that behind any advertising, there is a beneficiary who does not always tell the truth about his product, nor have their best interests at heart.

Additional questions

  1. How do ads make us buy what we don't need at all?
  2. Do you think advertising on TV is more efficient than advertising in magazines?
  3. Is it a good idea to make ads controlled by the government?
  4. How does advertising influence children?
  5. What are the popular types of advertising?
  6. What type of media advertising do you like most?
  7. Is there any advertising that can be harmful to children?
  8. What factors should be taken into account while making advertisements?


  • beneficiary - a person who derives advantage from something, especially a trust, will, or life insurance policy
  • overburdened - if you are overburdened with something such as work or problems, you have more of it than you can cope with

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