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Family (IELTS Speaking Section 1, 2, 3)

Family Blog1

The topic Family never disappears from the IELTS exam. We talk about family members, people's appearance and relationship with Norman, answering questions that are relevant to the exam.

We didn't cover all the questions due to the time restriction. If you want to practice them all, I am publishing questions below with good vocabulary.


  1. Section 1. Hair
    1. How often do you have a haircut?
    2. Do you like going to a hairdresser’s (or barber’s)?
    3. How long have you had this haircut?
    4. Have you had a haircut that you didn’t like?
    5. Do you want to change your hair colour?
  2. Section 2. Family member
    1. Describe a family member that you spend a lot of time with You should say:
      1. who this person is
      2. what this person looks like
      3. what you like to do with him or her
      4. explain why you like this person
  3. Section 3. Family, society
    1. Do you prefer support from your family or your friends?
    2. In your country, what kinds of family members usually live together?
    3. In a typical family in your country, who plays the leading role?
    4. These days people from different generations live together, do you think this is a problem?
    5. Do young and middle-aged people live with old people?
    6. Is it important to visit relatives?
    7. How do you get along with your parents?
    8. Do young adults in your country like to communicate with old people?
    9. How do grandparents educate their grandchildren in your country?
    10. Who should take care of old people, the government or their families?
    11. What responsibilities should people have towards society?
    12. Do you think now people are more encouraged to be individualistic than before?
    13. What is good and what is bad about having strong family relationships?
    14. Do you think both parents should take equal responsibility for taking care of their children?
    15. What responsibilities should children have towards their parents?


  • Appearance
    • her hair is straight
    • her hair is kind of curly
    • long thick hair
    • ponytail
    • fair/dark skin
    • short cropped hair
    • goatee/full beard
    • mustache
    • medium/well build
    • petite
    • slender
    • untidy
    • to have a haircut
  • Family
    • well-loved
    • laugh my head off
    • every so often
    • youngest
    • manipulative
    • moody
    • a hardwired night-owl a night-owl
    • a morning lark an early bird
    • my sister is a bit bossy
    • my mom is very industrious
    • the reason why she is so special to me is that she
    • cheerful children
    • upbeat
    • timid
  • Generations
    • remorse
    • compulsive
    • impolite
    • dogmatic
    • to have a talk
    • try to interfere in their lives
    • through their differences in age not realize the
    • exaggerate the negative side
    • generation gap
    • reconciliation
    • detached
    • come over

Idioms and expressions

  • I am on the other side of the coin from you
  • the local barber is not cutting hair any longer, the reason is he is cutting it shorter
  • we like two peas in a pod
  • my wife has a small stature
  • it took me year to work out how he knew this
  • but being a child I didn't realize this and I think this is the innocence of childhood
  • ripped off
  • steamer
  • infirm
  • get alone with
  • warts and all
  • I think both of them have moral responsibility even if you didn't get on with your parents
  • throughout our life
  • acquiesce
  • but you can't be get rid of your family if they are toxic
  • OK, I am going to wrap this up now

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