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Describe Way You Went Here



  1. First of all, I left my flat and went down in the elevator.
  2. Then I went on foot to the metro station. I had to walk for a long time, about 25 minutes. But this is the fastest way. Waiting for the bus will be even longer.
  3. I got into the last coach of the train and went to Kievskaya station. Then I moved to the Koltsevaya line and travelled to Krasnopresnenskaya station.
  4. After that I took a 55 bus and travelled 4 stops.
  5. The bus stop is right outside the exam centre.
  6. So I came inside the building. And walked up to the front desk.
  7. Here I am.


Picture English Sentence

Go straight on Elm Street.
Go along Elm Street.
Go down Elm Street.
Follow Elm Street for 200 metres.
Follow Elm Street until you get to the church.
Turn left into Oxford Street.
Turn right into Oxford Street.
Take the first turning on the right.
Go past the pet shop.
Go along beside the river.
Go over the bridge.
Go through the park.
Go towards the church.
Go up the hill.
Go down the hill.
Cross Oxford Street.
The bookshop is opposite the church.
The bookshop is between the church and the pet shop.
The bookshop is on the corner.

The bookshop is at the corner of the street.

The bookshop is in front of the church.
The bookshop is behind the church.
The bookshop is next to the church.
The bookshop is beside the church.

The bookshop is adjacent to the church.

The bookshop is near the church.


  • be in a hurry - do something quickly or suddenly
  • be late for – be after the time that was arranged or expected
  • bus - a large motor vehicle carrying passengers by road, typically one serving the public on a fixed route and for a fare
  • coach - a railway carriage
  • come in time – come not too late for it
  • elevator - is a device that carries people up and down inside buildings
  • embankment - a wall or bank of earth or stone built to prevent a river flooding an area
  • give a place for - stand up to give seat to another person
  • lamppost - a tall pole with a light at the top; a street light
  • metro - an underground railway system in a city, especially Paris
  • on/by foot - walking rather than travelling by car or using other transport
  • pedestrian crossing - a specified part of a road where pedestrians have right of way to cross
  • queue - a line or sequence of people or vehicles awaiting their turn to be attended to or to proceed
  • route taxi – minibus moving on a given route
  • rush hour - a time during each day when traffic is at its heaviest
  • throng - a large, densely packed crowd of people or animals
  • traffic lights - a set of automatically operated coloured lights, typically red, amber, and green, for controlling traffic at road junctions (green traffic light)
  • underpass - a road or pedestrian tunnel passing under a road or railway

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