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Days of the Week



  1. Today is Monday, the first day of the week.
  2. Tomorrow is Tuesday, the second day of the week.
  3. This is followed by Wednesday, the third day of the week.
  4. Then comes Thursday, the fourth day of the week.
  5. Friday is not only the fifth day of the week it is the last weekday.
  6. That completes the weekdays, now for the weekend.
  7. The first day of the weekend is Saturday.
  8. The last day of the weekend is Sunday.
  9. Yesterday was Sunday.
  10. I was born on a Monday.
  11. My sister was born on a Saturday.
  12. My mother on a Wednesday.
  13. And my wife on a Saturday.
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  1. Thank you, interesting, as usual.
    Why did you use articles 'a' before weekdays in sentences 10-13? I guessed why and just want to know if my answer coincides with yours.
    Do you know that there are several countries where the first day of a week is Sunday? Can you list them?
    Oh, and you mistyped in sentence 13. And my wife OF a Saturday
    With respect,

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