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Common IELTS Speaking Topics


There are topics for IELTS speaking. I assembled it from different sources. If I find a new one, I will add it here.

Information about IELTS speaking

Common topics – 4 mins. Examiner asks you familiar questions to make the acquaintance.

My favourite topics – 3 mins. You have a card with a question on it and 1 min to prepare. After that you should speak about 2 minutes. Maybe examiner interrupts you with question.

Abstract questions – 5 minutes. Communication with examiner about different aspects of section 2 question.

Common IELTS speaking topics:

  • General (what, where, do you like, why you chose, achievements, would you like to change something)
  • My Favourite (what, how, where, why, how to prepare, how it looks like, describe results, advantages and disadvantages in different options, compare with childhood attitude, your plans, is it represent the personality, who will you recommend it to)
    • activity
    • actor
    • animal
    • book
    • career
    • city
    • clothes, shoes, watch, sunglasses and other stuff what you wear
    • colours
    • comic actor
    • company
    • complaint
    • day in your life
    • decision in your life
    • director
    • event in the life
    • exercise (physical, learning, working)
    • flat, room, house
    • food
    • friend
    • friend act
    • gadget
    • historical building
    • holiday
    • household gadget
    • law in your country
    • magazine
    • map application
    • meets
    • movie
    • musician
    • nearest competition in your life
    • neighbours
    • park or garden
    • party
    • picture
    • place in your country
    • place you want to visit
    • plant
    • present
    • recent happy moment
    • restaurant
    • scientist
    • skills
    • song
    • sport
    • teacher
    • teenager you know
    • time
    • town centre
    • type of communication
    • type of music
    • visit with someone
    • weather
    • website
    • work
    • working environment
    • writer
    • you like to have
    • zoo
  • Abstract Questions (your opinion)
    • advertising and shopping
    • big cities (why people prefer to live in, lots of buildings, compare with countryside)
    • communication and shy
    • communication between young and old people
    • competition in our life
    • entertainment (for kids, adults, compare with studying)
    • family business
    • how internet affect our life
    • how to save environment
    • international or country laws
    • is complaint solve the problem
    • junk food and our health
    • large and small business differences
    • law and culture
    • lending money (friends, children, relatives)
    • long or short holidays
    • magazine vs TV or internet
    • mobile phones and kids
    • online or mall shopping
    • paper money or credit card
    • patient in growing children
    • pocket money for kids
    • presents vs money gifts
    • protecting history buildings
    • public vs individual transport
    • repaired and nonprepared gadgets
    • should we help our workmates
    • take care about animals
    • technology and nature
    • wealthy people
    • why people change their job
    • why people like expensive products (cars, phones, houses)
    • why sometimes people don't return borrowed stuff
    • work and family balance
    • work and happiness

Sources of information was used for preparing this article:

  1. IELTS Liz

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