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Causative Structure

A good grammar lessons from Adam. If you see a lot of verbs in one sentence you should think about Causative Structure. I made a table based on the video.


Active causative structure

Subject Causative Verb Agent Action Verb
have = delegate
make = force
get = ask
let = permit
ask, allow, help, enable, force, require
should be able to do requiring action base form (with have)
base form (with make)
to verb (with get)
base form (with let)
base form or to verb (with other)
Most CEO have their assistants take care of bookings and itineraries.
Parents who allow their children to play video games at night risk their children's future eye health.
Teachers do not make students complete assignments in order to be mean but rather to reinforce the lessons taught in class.
The boss had the secretary take notes.
The intern had the copier print 100 copies.
The mechanic finally got the car to idle at a stable RPM.

Passive causative structure

Subject Causative Verb Object Past Participle Action Verb
without "make" no be verb (with have, get)
base be or infinitive be verb (with let, allow, ask)
The student had his application delivered directly to the university's dean.
The bride-to-be got her dress altered before the wedding.
The Director would not let his deputy be interviewed by CNN.
The Director would not allow his deputy to be interviewed CNN.
Bill was asked to have his transcripts delivered by courier to the school.
Bill was asked to have his parents bring his transcripts.

Causative structure in combination

Subject Causative Verb Object Action Verb
no subject at all in some phrases
If you are thinking of having your computer looked at by a technician, make sure you are there with him at the time.
Just because some companies make their employees work on weekends does not mean that it is legal.
Should the Board decide to have its members commit to this policy they may risk a mutiny.
Parents who let their children play video games at night risk their children's future eye health.



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