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Best Country for Immigration

Immigration Country1

There is an opinion that some countries are more suitable for immigration than others. People discuss on forums the best countries for immigration and make ratings. What do you think is the best country for immigration?

Write at least 250 words.

In your essay mention:

  • What criteria do you consider important;
  • Why these criteria are important to you;
  • Which country did you choose according to these criteria.


The most correct answer to the question of which country is better for immigration, is the answer that it depends on your desires. What language you want to communicate in, how many sunny days you want to have in a year, whether your children need good schools and how you want to make money.

However, in my opinion the most important thing regarding immigration is to understand whether you are "coming to" or you are "leaving". I'll explain the difference. If you "come in" then you are looking for the best realization of your abilities. In this case, you should choose a country where you will have more opportunities than in your home country. Assessment of career opportunities, salaries, utilities, health care systems are necessary in this case. You have to understand whether the losses on immigration will be compensated, will you earn more than you will spend on moving. As a result, you may realize that at home you have more opportunities than abroad.

Another case is when you "leave the country". In this case, you should be well aware what you can not accept in your home country. Is your discontent with the way of life in your home country strong enough to withstand the hardships of the immigration process. At immigration, you will lose at least 5 years of your career, it will be harder for you to find a qualified job. Due to the lack of language level, you will not be able to be assigned to leadership positions because you will not be able to communicate effectively. Are you sure that your country's shortcomings are worthy of these challenges?

So, the first condition for successful assimilation is a good knowledge of the language. If you know English, the most famous English-speaking countries are the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The second condition for successful immigration is the existence of government programs that facilitate immigration. Such programs are available in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The UK and the United States set quite large obstacles to getting into the country and becoming a citizen.

The third but decisive condition for successful immigration is the availability of work and a regular source of income. Only a wide labour market where you will be able to realize your potential will determine the quality of your life.

All designated countries have a good education system, various social programs to support citizens, so it makes no sense to consider them.

To sum up, I think Canada is the best choice for immigration. This country has a federal program to support the immigration process. The country has a low unemployment rate. Canada is an open and democratic country where people try to be tolerant and respect to other's differences. There are a good education system, industry, agriculture, and health care.


  • decisive - dissatisfaction with one's circumstances; lack of contentment
  • discord - disagreement between people
  • hardship - severe suffering or privation
  • shortcoming - a fault or failure to meet a certain standard, typically in a person's character, a plan, or a system
  • withstand - remain undamaged or unaffected by; resist

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