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Best Books for IELTS or TOEFL Preparation

Good video from Adam. Thanks him for it.


My choice

  • The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS
  • IELTS 1-13 General Training
  • Practical English Usage
  • The Basics of Clarity and Grace


Hi again everybody! I'm Adam welcome to Write to The Top. Today I'm gonna continue talking about the IELTS and TOEFL test prep. But I'm going to talk to you specifically about books study guides and online sources. People often ask me to recommend good books for them. To work with to practice with and study with. So that's what this lesson is all about. Okay? I'm going to talk about TOEFL books, IELTS books, grammar books, etc.


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Let's start with TOEFL. So my personalĀ  favourite is the Cambridge Preparation Book. It comes with the CDs. If you can get the CDs they're great. They give you practice tests on the computer that you can take. Now the reason I chose I personally choose this book not the bearing the Princeton. All good books, the official guide is also a good book. But the reason I like this one the best is because it's hard. The material in this book, the examples, the explanations, the exercises, the practice tests they're actually all very difficult. High end vocab, complex readings, everything is very TOEFL-like. If you can do well studying with this book you can do well on the TOEFL test, on the real test. What I found was some of the other books yeah they helped and they give you examples, but if you do them very well and you do very get a very good score or their practice tests, when you go to the real test I find that people are a little bit shocked by how difficult the real test is. This book if you can do the practice test and do them well you won't be shocked for the real test it's almost the same level. So it's actually a very good book and they're very good detailed explanations of things.


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For the IELTS. For the IELTS I don't use any book. I oh I use only the actual practice tests. So the Cambridge series of practice tests. These are past papers means that these were authentic examination papers. These were real tests from the past that you can practice with. Just study the test structure and get your vocab out of the readings, practice your listening, practice everything, see some writing samples, etc. I don't use any other textbooks for IELTS. Accept actual practice tests you can learn a lot from the things in their grammar.


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Now if you need to work on your grammar I'm gonna show you a few grammar books. The Raymond Murphy book. I think everybody knows this book, everybody's seen it somewhere. This book is the intermediate. The green one is the advanced. If you think you're ready for the advance book, just a little bit of a warning, it's very advanced. So finish the intermediate book. If you think it's a little bit easy go ahead and try the advanced book. If you can finish the advanced book with no problem then I don't really think you have much problems with grammar. So the Murphy book and the Hewings book books, very good books. You can probably find these in any used bookstore or library. Again if you need to buy it I put a link to Amazon in the description box. You can buy it from Amazon.

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Betty Azar. She also has excellent books. These are a little bit different focuses like some of their focused points are a little bit different. She also explains things very well good exercises: intermediate and advanced. I suggest doing both because they're very good and the examples are very good as she explains things very clearly. Get one of these four books for practice so the A's are and the Murphy they all have they both have exercises and answer keys that you can check yourself.

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If you need a general grammar book that explains things in more casual everyday English, no exercises but more of an explanation, especially for those of you who struggle with writing Whoa Is I is a pretty good book. I've read it, it's it's pretty useful a good reference book.

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Now for general English including grammar punctuation, everything Michael Swan there's a name Michael Swan practical English usage. ESL teachers call this the English teachers Bible. It explains practically everything you need to know in English. It's a very thick book but the cross references are excellent, they tell you if you need to understand this version of it go here, go here, go here, and the index is excellent, it explains practically everything in English. Excellent resource book. If you are the English teacher I highly recommend you have this on your bookshelf. Whenever you have a question when a student asks you a question and you're not sure how to explain it to them this book will help you do that.

General English

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Like every school, every University will tell you to get this book. The Elements of Style it's like classic. It's it's skinny, it's small get it it's like five dollars it's not a big deal good to have a good reference guide a quick reference guide when you're doing some.



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Now. If you want a really good writing book somebody who will actually explain to you how to have very strong sentences and how to link sentences and have good paragraphs this is a very good book The Basics of Clarity and Grace. So this is like the a little bit of an introduction. And the full book is a little bit thicker Joseph Williams excellent book. I highly recommend it for those of you who want to write better. Not necessarily just for the IELTS or TOEFL just for everyday life for emails, for letters, reports, essays, etc.

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Now. I have my own e-books if you're not aware of these I right now I have the right idea series. These are books to help that are actually already created Idea Banks. If you're not sure what an Idea Bank is there's a link up here for a video I made about that one of my older videos. An Idea Bank helps you collect vocabulary questions samples and words and ideas for your essays. If you have problem coming up with ideas for your essays an Idea Bank is very useful you can create your own Idea Bank or you can purchase one on my website. Right now I have these topics education, sports, health, nutrition, technology, government, etc. I am making more books to help you guys out. I'm working on an IELTS self-assessment guide. When that's ready there will be a link up here as well there are links in the description box for these as well.

Okay. There's tons of resources for you out there. Take advantage, start working, work hard. There are no shortcuts to a high score in IELTS or TOEFL. Okay? So keep that in mind. I hope these were helpful if you have any questions or other if you want to add any recommendations please do so in the YouTube comment section. If you like the video please give me a like. Subscribe to my channel for more of these videos. And come back again next week for another preparation class. See you then.

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