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Animals (IELTS Speaking Section 1, 2, 3)

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The topic Animals never disappears from the IELTS exam. We talk about animals with Norman, answering questions that are relevant to the exam.


  1. Section 1. Animals (Wild animals)
    1. Have you ever seen wild animals?
    2. What’s your favourite wild animal?
    3. Do you like watching animals in the zoo?
    4. Is it important to let children know about animals?
    5. Is it important to protect wild animals?
  2. Section 2. Describe an interesting animal You should say:
    1. what it looks like
    2. when you saw it
    3. where you saw it
    4. explain why it is interesting
  3. Section 3. Animals and pets
    1. Why do more and more people become vegetarians?
    2. Do you agree that animals shouldn’t be used in experiments?
    3. Do you think animals are important?
    4. What should we do to protect endangered animals?
    5. Why do you think wild animals should be protected?
    6. What animals are common in your country?
    7. Is there any difference between the way animals were used for work in the past and nowadays?
    8. Do animals cause more problems in the countryside than in cities?
    9. Is it safe for animals to live in cities?
    10. What problems will keeping pets bring?
    11. How are pets now different from those in the past?
    12. Why has human activity affected some kinds of animals more than others?


  • Appearance
    • hooves
    • gills
    • fins
    • winged
    • furred
    • downy
    • stripes
    • feathers
    • tentacles
    • whiskers
    • beak
    • horns
    • snout
    • claws
    • spots
    • mane
    • tail
  • Traits
    • amazing long-term memory
    • self-awareness
    • extremely intelligent
    • very social
    • curious
    • nocturnal
    • stubborn
    • candid
    • domestic
    • fierce
  • Feelings
    • to feel empathy
    • to be fond of animals
    • a pet lover
    • to learn to be caring, kind and careful with animals
  • Ethics
    • the animal could hardly move there
    • in a cramped space
    • was moving back and forth
    • to ensure their survival
    • not to let them become endangered and extinct
    • no quick fix
    • deplete

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