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Alf Vocabulary s4 e3


Alf s1 e3 called Wanted: Dead or Alive. In this episode Willie is a dangerous criminal. Alf tries to hide him, but sensitive neighbours hand over Willie to the FBI.


  1. hunt down dangerous felons for a buck?
    • hunt down - if you hunt down a criminal or an enemy, you find them after searching for them
  2. Our suspect is wanted for polygamy and fraud.
    • polygamy - the practice or custom of having more than one wife or husband at the same time
  3. ... and bilking them out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.
    • bilking - obtain or withhold money from (someone) unfairly or by deceit; cheat or defraud
  4. ... have described our suspect as anything from boring to nondescript.
    • nondescript - lacking distinctive or interesting features or characteristics
  5. - Well, add up the clues.
    • add up - if facts or events do not add up, they make you confused about a situation because they do not seem to be consistent; if something that someone has said or done adds up, it is reasonable and sensible
  6. ...a classic forehead and bedroom eyes.
    • bedroom eyes - refer to a heavy-lidded or half-shut eye, reminiscent of a hazy, dreamy look shared during intimate moments. It's also sometimes used to describe when a person looks at another with sexual longing or a method of putting on eye makeup that makes a woman look seductive
  7. - You're such a lug.
    • lug - a loutish man
  8. My Willie, a stud.
    • stud - a young man thought to be very active sexually or regarded as a good sexual partner
  9. But since you brought it up, how is your father?
    • bring it up - to start to talk about a particular subject
  10. ALF, have you been hitting the catnip again?
    • catnip - a plant of the mint family, with downy leaves, purple-spotted white flowers, and a pungent smell attractive to cats
  11. Just wanna know, how long have you known your cad?
    • cad - a man who behaves dishonourably, especially towards a woman
  12. Nice jawing with you.
    • jaw - talk at length; chatter
  13. ...leaving me with Kate, a woman scorned.
    • scorned - feeling and expression of contempt or disdain for someone or something
  14. ...your already ruggedly handsome face.
    • ruggedly - (of a face) wrinkled or furrowed, as by experience or the endurance of hardship. roughly irregular, heavy, or hard in outline or form; craggy
  15. Well, you wanna look dapper for that cruise, don't you?
    • dapper - (of a man) neat and trim in dress and appearance
  16. Don't give in to your urges.
    • urge - a strong desire or impulse
  17. hope you're ready to cough up ten grand.
    • cough up - if you cough up an amount of money, you pay or spend that amount, usually when you would prefer not to
    • grand - a thousand dollars
  18. Uh, we'd like you to come downtown and answer charges of embezzlement...
    • embezzlement - theft or misappropriation of funds placed in one's trust or belonging to one's employer
  19. A greedy viewer turned you in.
    • turn in - if you turn someone in, you take them to the police or tell the police where they are because they are suspected of committing a crime. If you turn yourself in, you go to the police because you have been involved in a crime
  20. Did I mention I'm a bleeder?
    • bleeder - a person regarded with contempt or pity
  21. I can still dredge up a fantasy life.
    • dredge up - if someone dredges up a damaging or upsetting fact about your past, they remind you of it or tell other people about it
  22. - ALF, I hate to interrupt a good gloat...
    • gloat - dwell on one's own success or another's misfortune with smugness or malignant pleasure
  23. might take it on the lam.
    • lam - escape; flee
  24. That Mouammar, what a prankster.
    • prankster - is someone who plays tricks and practical jokes on people
  25. still find you totally irresistible.
    • irresistible - too attractive and tempting to be resisted

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