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Alf Vocabulary s4 e2


Alf s1 e2 called Lies. How would you deal with a reporter who took your picture without permission? Correct! You would eat all of his films.


  1. Don't forget to wear your batting helmet.
    • batting - the action of hitting with or using a bat, especially in cricket or baseball
  2. Ah, they're fooling around with the universe.
    • fool around - if you fool around, you behave in a playful, childish, and silly way, often in order to make people laugh: in British English, you can also say you fool about
  3. That's a toughie.
    • toughie - a difficult problem or question
  4. Schultz could have never pulled it off.
    • pull off - if you pull off something very difficult, you succeed in achieving it
  5. I'm afraid I rather abused the exclamation point.
    • rather abused - very much abuse, to go too far with something
  6. Fighting mad.
    • It means very angry, like a beast.
  7. It might be booby-trapped.
    • booby-trap - booby-trap is something such as a bomb which is hidden or disguised and which causes death or injury when it is touched
  8. You'll feel better once the bitterness sets in.
    • bitterness - sharpness of taste; lack of sweetness
  9. - Suit yourself.
    • If you suit yourself, you do something just because you want to do it, without bothering to consider other people
  10. I'd say we've isolated the problem.
    • isolated the problem - identify the root of the problem, find the root cause
  11. ...kind of runs counter to that.
    • runs counter - if one thing runs counter to another, or if one thing is counter to another, the first thing is the opposite of the second thing or conflicts with it
  12. Are you saying you were abducted by aliens?
    • abduct - take (someone) away illegally by force or deception; kidnap
  13. - He's only aiding and abetting.
    • abet - encourage or assist (someone) to do something wrong, in particular to commit a crime
    • aid - help or support (someone or something) in the achievement of something
  14. You twist around the truth, you invade our homes...
    • twist around - distort, misrepresent
  15. - Hey, it's my first heist.
    • heist - a robbery

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