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Alf Vocabulary s4 e1


Alf s1 e1 called Baby, Come Back. Sitting with children is hard work. Especially if the child suddenly disappears. New series and new words from Alf.


  1. It's all in the delivery.
    • When it's done quickly and without mistakes. Receive and sign.
  2. ...while that human babysitter rummages through my fridge?
    • rummages - search unsystematically and untidily through something
  3. Why don't you just stick me in a sweatbox?
    • sweatbox - a small bar or club, thats always packed(full), where its so humid and hot that you cant even breathe.
  4. But I've got an instinctive rapport with kids.
    • rapport - a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other's feelings or ideas and communicate well
  5. ...holding her freshly swaddled babe to her bosom.
    • swaddled - wrap (someone, especially a baby) in garments or cloth
  6. Tapped out?
    • Spent, exhausted tapped out after months on the road
  7. Of course I will, you silly ninny.
    • ninny - a foolish and weak person
  8. Cut you low, bro.
    • cut you low - hold your tongue, shut up, be silent
  9. All right, I might be a little rusty.
    • rusty - (of a metal object) affected by rust
  10. All right, let me just swab the deck, okay?
    • swab - an absorbent pad or piece of material used in surgery and medicine for cleaning wounds, applying medication, or taking specimens
  11. Now, uh, a little powder under your tush.
    • tush - a person's buttocks
  12. Okay, now a nice clean diapy.
    • diapy - diaper
  13. - Yes, your heinie.
    • heinie - a person's buttocks
  14. Well, it has nothing to do with Eric, if that's what you're getting at.
    • that's what you're getting at - to hint at something, to lead the conversation to a certain conclusion
  15. Stay put.
    • Remain somewhere without moving or being moved
  16. Hey, I was doing a really good job before you pulled the rug out.
    • pulled the rug out - remove all support and assistance from, usually suddenly
  17. It's what keeps me going.
    • Something that supports me in difficult circumstances, something I hope for in the future.

Sources of information was used for preparing this article:

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