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Alf Vocabulary s3 e20

Words Alf S3 E21


  1. Randy will show up, you'll give him the brush.
    • give someone the brush - to rebuff, snub or curtly reject someone
  2. You're already bringing in somebody from the bench.
    • bring in someone from the bench - hook up with someone, find a guy / girl
  3. Of course, he did hang up on me.
    • hang up on - if you hang up on someone you are speaking to on the phone, you end the phone call suddenly and unexpectedly
  4. l was just thinking out loud.
    • thinking out loud - it means that someone is verbalizing an internal monolog (or dialogue); thinking about something and, possibly inadvertently, saying it out loud
  5. Tell me about it.
  6. Danny and l are going steady.
    • going steady - if two people are going steady, they are having a long, fairly serious romantic relationship
  7. l think l might be free. l'll check my Week At-A-Glance.
  8. You make it sound like l'm 12 years old.
  9. l just wanted to comfort you in person.
    • in person - with the personal presence or action of the individual specified

Sources of information was used for preparing this article:

  1. Pussle-Movies: Alf s3 e20 (Torn Between Two Lovers)
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  1. give someone the brush – there're two more often used synonyms to it
    brush aside and
    brush away

  2. And you forgot to explain the expression (3-d): he did hang up on me.
    If you hang up on someone you are speaking to on the phone, you end the phone call suddenly and unexpectedly.

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