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Alf Vocabulary s3 e18

Alf S3e19


  1. Her voice is kind of high-pitched and it's kind of whiny.
    • high-pitched - sound is shrill and high in pitch
    • whiny - peevish; complaining
  2. I assume.
    • assume - suppose to be the case, without proof
  3. I am barren of love.
    • barren - too poor to produce much or any vegetation
  4. You've gotta cheer up.
    • cheer up - stop feeling depressed and become more cheerful
  5. The death scene is considerably more depressing in slow motion.
    • considerably - by a notably large amount or to a notably large extent; greatly
  6. I just wanna wallow in self pity for a while.
    • wallow in - indulge in an unrestrained way in (something that one finds pleasurable)
  7. Thank you from the heart of my bottom.
  8. Because I am too lowly to dare ask for you.
    • lowly - low in rank, status, or importance
  9. Making all things dimly beautiful.
    • dimly - with a faint light; not brightly
  10. I'll get that later.
  11. But you said when she takes the bait, I should reel her in.
    • reel in - if you reel in something such as a fish, you pull it towards you by winding around a reel the wire or line that it is attached to
  12. You've got a way with women.
  13. You're good at unsolicited advice.
  14. Did I leave something out?

Sources of information was used for preparing this article:

  1. Pussle-Movies: Alf s3 e18 (Standing in the Shadows of Love)
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  1. Thank you for some nice phrases, especially this one:
    'I just wanna wallow in self pity for a while.'

    With regards,

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