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Ok, what is noenglishclass?

This is a place where I, an English learner, share small tips and tricks about learning English with you, other English learners.

My personal story with English is not bright. I have never was the smartest guy in the English class. I did not attend an English school, and I never thought that I could learn English at a decent level. But life changes, and I realized that I need it desperately for my professional career and my future. Now you see me running this place in English for people like me, who want to find some advice about learning English or share their experience with others.

But all these not about me. As an English learner, I encountered plenty of sources to find professional help from teachers and native speakers. Still, few where one learner share some good staff he found with other learners.

There are several reasons for this. First of all, the Internet full of information prepared by professionals. There is no place for amateur advisers. Secondly, nobody wants to exchange mistakes. Unfortunately, when you are the only learner and not a professional, you are not free of errors. And nobody wants to listen to your wrong accent, repeat your mistakes or hear your unnatural and heavy speech.

But we need such a place. I have never met some learners who shared their experience, small tricks, and methods they found useful for all time I have learned English. In other words, my goal is to attract learners by posting interesting, short and helpful tips about how practically learn English. Not to create another source where you can learn English from A to Z, but to supplement these sources with some information the mature teachers do not include in their courses for various reasons.

That is why I called this place noenglishclass. You cannot find here an English class. This is a place where one learner shares his experience with another learner. I hope to engage enough people to start a collaborative process where not only I would be a person who recommends, but other people start to correct and bring information.

For this moment, the noenglishclass consists of:

  • The site. The primary source where all staff is created and stored. It has a subscription and RSS in case you want to implement it in your news-reading app.
  • The noenglishclass YouTube and LBRY channels, which are stock for video content. Of course, you can find all videos on the main site too.
  • The r/noenglishclass subreddit, which is used for chatting about all relevant topics. Announcements about new materials are not publishing here. This is a place for discussions between the noenglishclass community, and for this moment, it is small for announcements.

Additionally, I publish all new materials on r/ENGLISH, r/EnglishLearning or r/IELTS subreddits to attract new learners from this wonderful and supportive community and to share helpful staff with the most significant amount of learners I can reach.

So noenglishclass is a place where you can find small tips and tricks about learning English from an English learner.

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