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  1. My name is Slava.
  2. I am from Moscow.
  3. I've lived here all my life.
  4. I graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute.
  5. I studied business economics.
  6. I work as a project manager. I have a PhD in this field.
  7. I work for the Ostec Company.
  8. They are the largest engineering company in Russia.
  9. They create factories for the production of electronics.
  10. I have a wife and two children.
  11. I have a good relationship with my mom. She and I help each other learn English.
  12. Currently I manage a very interesting project to create an online platform for Russian manufacturers of electronics and electronic components.
  13. I hope our project will help the electronics industry.
  14. Now due to the paucity of time I spend all my free time with my family and learning English.
  15. But I liked playing tennis when I was younger.
  16. I am learning English for greater job opportunities. All new techniques are published and discussed in English.


  1. Pardon me, I didn't catch that. Could you repeat the question, please?
  2. Sorry, I haven't come across that expression/word before. Could you explain what it means, please?
  3. Do you mean….? When you say…. are you asking about….?


  • come across - be clear/ come across – phrasal verb which has several meanings. In this case meet by chance.
  • paucity - the presence of something in only small or insufficient quantities or amounts

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