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About Parents



  1. I am going to talk about my parents.
  2. My father was an entrepreneur.
  3. My mother was an accountant.
  4. They were both born in the county of Roskilde and met when my father was in business trip.
  5. My father lived in one village for the whole of his life.
  6. My mother lived in several villages, then in my father's village for over fifty years.
  7. Much of my father's income came from selling furniture.
  8. The firm my mother worked in was very small.
  9. It was situated about eight kilometres from where they lived.
  10. After they retired they stayed in the same village.
  11. Several years ago they moved out of the village so they could be nearer my sister.
  12. Their house was sold.


  • income – money received, especially on a regular basis, for work or through investments
  • moved out – stop living in a particular house or place and go to live somewhere else
  • retired – having left one's job and ceased to work
  • situated – in a particular place or position
  • village – a group of houses and associated buildings, larger than a hamlet and smaller than a town, situated in a rural area

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