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A News or The News

A The News1

That's right: A News or The News? If you are thinking about this question, this article is for you. See here the grammatical rules for the "news" word.

"News" is an uncountable/mass noun, like butter, water, salt etc. So, it's never used with "a" (except if modified with a singular noun, eg "a news story / source / provider" etc; like "a butter dish", "a water jug" etc). I remember many foreign students of English making that mistake in my teaching days, largely because of it being a countable noun in their languages.

Like other uncountable/mass nouns, we can use "some/any/no + news", and also "a piece/bit etc of news".

"The news" can refer to news programs / reports generally, eg "Have you seen the news today?" (ie any tv / press etc presentation of current events)

And "the news" can also refer to a particular key news story that is reported in the media, or any personally important new occurrence: "Have you heard the news? The prime minister lied about Grenfell! / Suzie's going to have a baby!"



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